Now, yes, I am a prophet, I’m a girl and I’m 21. And that’s about as much info as you’ll get about me. Why? Well, cuz if you’re too loud about the fact that you “see things” and “hear things”…chances are life will get more complicated. Maybe one day I’ll come out of the prophet-closet and all, but not quite yet. So for you, beloved, I’ll be Chickpea ;).

Why am I starting this blog? Well…being a prophet that nobody listens to is like being a bird that sings surrounded by deaf people: it’s frustrating. Particularly if you know that people would be so much better off listening to you. It would make them so much happier, set them free, make them have peace. But one thing that I realised two days ago is this.

I had just met up with a friend to discuss God and his grace, and my friend said, when we said good-bye:

“Thank you for the conversation. I always learn a lot about grace from talking to you.”

I was taken aback because honestly, I’m not used to people giving me much positive feedback on my ideas. There are about five exceptions, that’s it. So I thanked my friend and while walking home digested that, because what I realised was “people may listen.”

“Jesus- people may listen…” Jesus looked at me and I continued to think, then I realised the human power of choice. People have the choice to listen to me, and the choice not to listen to me.

“But,” I then said “how can I get them to listen to me then?”

Jesus said “Welcome to my world.”

Since then I’ve decided to give it a try, to believe that maybe, someone out there will listen to me and their life will be changed. That is what I write for. That people realise how loved, free, perfect and blessed they are.

So Jesus and I are writing this block. He says he wants to love people through it, tell them how much he loves them. I know that my brother isn’t often allowed to speak, even in churches. He will reach out through this blog- what you do with it, is your choice. 🙂 You are free, and this blog is here for you.


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